In the fast-paced business landscape, entrepreneurial skills, as well as expert consultants, have emerged as coveted resources within the corporate realm. As companies grapple with transformative challenges, the demand for expert consultants to guide them is at an all-time high, and so is the need for leaders able to grasp the peculiarities of the entrepreneurial mindset. Recognising this paradigm, ESCP has meticulously crafted MBA specialisations in Entrepreneurship and Consultancy. On the Madrid campus, MBA students will be able to perfect their understanding of entrepreneurship, and can already gain the invaluable skills companies look out for in consultants. 

Grasping the entrepreneurial mindset for informed decision-making with the Entrepreneurship specialisation in Madrid

For many MBA aspirants, the entrepreneurial journey is not necessarily about starting a business but about adopting a unique mindset. “The objective is to understand how entrepreneurs think,” highlights Niko Munoz, professor emeritus in charge of crafting the Entrepreneurship specialisation at ESCP. Such an understanding is invaluable as “nowadays, almost all corporations seek individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset to launch new services, products, or to change the organisation from inside.”

This entrepreneurial spirit, characterised by resourcefulness and a knack for identifying new business opportunities, is what ESCP aims to instil in its students. “By encouraging students to adopt this mindset, they not only become more entrepreneurial but are also able to find lucrative roles in venture capital,” the professor adds. “With this robust training, students are poised to excel in fields like investment banking, venture capital, and in evaluating the potential of new businesses.”

A curriculum crafted to help you develop your entrepreneurial spirit 

But what makes an entrepreneur tick? Beyond the ability to craft business models and market strategies, successful entrepreneurs possess an innate ability to harness their resources, design innovative solutions, and stay attuned to the ever-evolving needs of consumers. In the words of Niko Munoz, “A successful entrepreneur is someone who aligns ambitions and mindsets.” In order to forge this type of individual, the Entrepreneurship specialisation at ESCP will offer students a well-balanced education, merging deep theoretical insights with practical exercises. 

“We want to equip students by teaching them how to think like entrepreneurs and delving deep into business models and market dynamics. The specialisation will provide a balanced approach, giving equal emphasis to profit, environmental sustainability, and societal welfare. Students will also be trained in scenario planning, testing ideas in the market, and strategically forging alliances to fortify their entrepreneurial journeys,” describes Niko Munoz. 

For those contemplating the Entrepreneurship specialisation, it’s essential to understand the difference between conventional MBA teachings and the entrepreneurial world. “An MBA typically offers a structured approach to management. But, if you’re set on the entrepreneurial path, you must embrace ambiguity,” the professor advises. This course doesn’t just offer tools; it challenges students to rethink, reevaluate, and reshape their mindsets. “The goal is to cultivate thinking that’s less structured but more action-driven and risk-friendly,” the professor emphasises.

The Consultancy specialisation in Madrid

Just like the Entrepreneurship specialisation, the Consultancy specialisation at ESCP goes beyond mere theoretical knowledge: “The specialisation courses and content have been designed to provide the critical techniques needed in the consulting day-to-day work, not only from a conceptual point of view but also from a practical one,” says Alejandro Ruiz, professor of Consultancy at ESCP.

While hard skills like number crunching are crucial, soft skills often become the differentiating factor. “Candidates should ideally be adept at working with numbers and possess experience in project management. Additionally, a fair level of teamwork, communication, and people management is welcome,” the professor advises. By focusing on soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and emotional intelligence, the programme ensures students emerge as well-rounded consultants. Moreover, ESCP’s emphasis on “Learning by doing” means students aren’t just confined to classrooms but are exposed to real business problems, cementing their learning experience.

Throughout the course, students benefit from engaging in live case studies that allow them to interact directly with senior figures from EY. Furthermore, modules centred on societal impact empower students to immerse themselves in sustainability projects, giving equal weight to environmental considerations and societal well-being. “The curriculum also ensures students grasp economic consulting to understand the financial nuances of organisations, enabling them to spot inefficiencies,” says Alejandro Ruiz. 

Considering the Consultancy leap?

For MBA candidates contemplating a path in consultancy or leveraging it to boost their existing careers, ESCP offers unparalleled value. “The MBA Consultancy specialisation is the perfect avenue to amplify a professional trajectory, our students are far better prepared than any other candidates for consultant or management positions,” says the professor.

While there are no specific prerequisites, the course demands dedication. As the professor puts it, “It requires working hard, being fully committed to the studies and being eager to learn from any course activity or assignment. However, I have no doubt it is worth it.”

As businesses face unprecedented challenges, the role of a consultant becomes even more pivotal. For those aspiring to make a mark in this domain, ESCP’s MBA specialisation in Consultancy offers a comprehensive, hands-on, and transformative experience, ensuring its graduates are not just job-ready but have everything to become industry leaders.

Are you thinking about making a career change in Consultancy or Entrepreneurship? Why not reach out to one of our student ambassadors or career services? They will be happy to give you more information about ESCP’s MBA in International Management’s diverse specialisations and campuses. 

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