Coming from Kenya, Valentine had one objective: to gain substantial knowledge, while developing a bounty of opportunities in business. Thanks to the programme, she is now well on her way to achieving her career hopes and dreams. For us, she reflects on what drew her to ESCP’s MBA programme, and what she has gained from it so far. She also gives some precious pieces of advice to Kenyan students who would like to embark on this exciting journey as well. 

Hello Valentine, can you first tell us what pushed you to pursue an MBA?

My decision to pursue an MBA was driven by several factors. Firstly, I was motivated to expand my career prospects to an international level and prepare myself for executive leadership positions. I knew an MBA, particularly from a reputable institution like ESCP, would be highly esteemed in the business world and could unlock a broader range of opportunities. I also recognised the value of gaining access to an extensive network of alumni and business professionals, which will undoubtedly be instrumental in my career advancement.

For these reasons, choosing ESCP was an excellent decision for me. In addition to its renowned reputation, the programme has provided me with the unique opportunity to live in two different countries while obtaining advanced business skills and knowledge.

As a Kenyan student, what are the things that struck you the most during your time abroad at ESCP?

I was impressed by the diversity of ESCP’s student body and the inclusive environment the school fosters. ESCP attracts students from all corners of the globe, and it’s been fascinating learning about their unique cultures, perspectives, and experiences. I often joke around with my classmates, telling them I’m their first Kenyan pal.

“I knew an MBA, particularly from a reputable institution like ESCP, would be highly esteemed in the business world and could unlock a broader range of opportunities.”

Kainyu Valentine, MBA CLASS OF 2023

Additionally, ESCP offers a wealth of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. From extracurricular activities to networking events, I’m constantly meeting new people and building my leadership skills. And who knows, I might even discover a new hobby along the way!

All in all, my experience so far has been incredibly enriching and eye-opening. The knowledge, skills, and connections I’m gaining here will definitely propel me towards my career goals, both in Kenya and beyond.

What advice would you give a compatriot who would like to study in Europe or join ESCP?

Most importantly, you need to take the first step towards your goal. Embarking on the journey to pursue a postgraduate qualification can feel like a distant dream, but it is essential to start the process sooner rather than later. At the beginning of the process, you will need to take time to research the variety and requirements of the different programmes. ESCP is a highly regarded institution, and competition for admission into its programs is intense, so it is crucial to present the most substantial possible application.

Financial planning is also essential, as studying abroad comes with significant costs, including tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and travel. However, scholarships and financial aid may be available, it is worth exploring these options to help mitigate the costs.

Once admitted to the program, I’d advise being open-minded and adaptable, it is the best way to make the most of your experience! The last words the CEO at my previous workplace spoke to me were “Congratulations and ensure you enjoy your MBA”. Studying abroad can be challenging, but it is also an incredible opportunity to broaden one’s horizons, gain new perspectives, and build lifelong memories. By fully embracing the experience, one can have a successful and rewarding time at ESCP and in Europe in general.

Would you like to learn more about ESCP’s MBA in International Management programme? Whether you are looking for information regarding the programme’s specialisations, opportunities for global networking or financial aid, our teams are here to help. Reach out to Career Services or one of our student ambassadors to take the first step towards world-class education. 

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