For the third consecutive year, Cartier is sponsoring ESCP’s MBA in International Management programme. The initiative reflects the long-standing relationship between the Maison’s and ESCP Business School. Learn more about the unique ways in which this collaboration benefits MBA students, from rewarding Company Consultancy Projects to exciting job opportunities.

Cartier, Class Sponsor of the MBA in International Management

Over the years, ESCP Business School and Cartier have developed a strong, cohesive relationship. Indeed, the Maison counts several ESCP alumni, including Cyrille Vigneron, President & CEO of Cartier International. But the relationship between ESCP Business School and Cartier goes far beyond the school’s alumni network. In 2021, ESCP and Cartier have decided to take their partnership even further within the framework of the MBA in International Management by joining forces to offer young professionals a unique learning experience, starting with the Class of 2021.

This partnership, which is still in force for the third consecutive year, enables Cartier, as Class Sponsor, to offer a rich, international network to MBA students while fostering curiosity, learning and engagement. These are all essential components that allow the complete development of the MBA participants’ managerial skills.

“The sponsoring of this MBA has been an excellent opportunity for the Maison to train and prepare talented managers of tomorrow, capable of delivering sustainable performance and making a valuable contribution.“

Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer at Cartier International

Work on transversal projects involving one of the most famous luxury Maison

The collaboration between ESCP and Cartier provides a fertile ground to develop transversal projects. For instance, students have the opportunity to work on case studies related to Cartier’s activity. Each year, Cartier proposes a Company Consultancy Project allowing students to work on real-life cases and interact with the Maison’s employees. This way, the Maison benefits from the research and insights from young professionals on current issues they are facing, and students develop their hands-on experience as well as their relationship with the brand. Cartier also participates twice a year in the Career Fair where their recruiters have 1-to-1 meetings with MBA participants, providing exciting career opportunities for MBA students.

Moreover, since 2021, Cartier and ESCP’s MBA students are involved alongside each other through the Turning Point Chair, co-directed by Professors Benjamin Voyer (ESCP) and Anne Laure Sellier (HEC Paris). As part of the Research chair, a Gen Z Observatory was set up with both schools’ students to investigate emerging generational and cultural changes. This way, Cartier and ESCP’s MBA students can contribute hand in hand to the school’s teaching and research policy, as well as address current and future turning points in business practices and foster positive societal impact.

Get to know Cartier from the inside

In practice, the partnership between ESCP and the Maison Cartier allows MBA students to immerse themselves in the life of the Maison. Throughout their curriculum, they have the opportunity to visit Cartier’s headquarters, to participate in roundtables with Cartier employees where they get to ask all their questions about the brand and its diverse strategic services, as well as to attend the ‘Meet the Leaders’ conferences where students engage with Cartier’s top executives. In 2021, for instance, Arnaud Carrez, Cartier International’s Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer shared his personal experience. Finally, students get the chance to visit the renowned Fondation Cartier to experience the Maison’s values of high standards, open-mindedness and curiosity at its fullest.

Visiting the headquarters and experiencing the creative process of the Maison through the MBA are a powerful way of promoting Cartier’s foundations for innovation: a human-centred approach, a test-and-learn culture and a sustainable mindset. As Lola Bourget, Marketing Manager of the programme, recalls from the visit of the Rue de la Paix Cartier flagship last year: “Students were delighted and left inspired by the visit (and the impressive site!). We take this opportunity to thank Cartier again for their warm welcome.”

Shared values: the key to a successful partnership

ESCP Business School and Cartier share the same values and dedication to curiosity, quality and sustainability. ESCP’s commitment to training the leaders of tomorrow and the continuous dialogue with partner companies such as Cartier ensures prime career prospects for the school’s graduates. At the last Graduation Ceremony, Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer of Cartier International, stated: “The sponsoring of this MBA has been an excellent opportunity for the Maison to train and prepare talented managers of tomorrow, capable of delivering sustainable performance and making a valuable contribution. It is important for us that we nurture the considerable bonds we have created together, to collectively impact the luxury industry.”

Last semester, students had the opportunity to discuss the many ways in which Cartier supports women’s empowerment and vulnerable communities, art and culture, the protection of the environment and biodiversity, and bridges between business and education. Léon Laulusa, Executive Vice-President, Dean for Academic and International Affairs, says it best: “We are delighted with this collaboration, which strengthens the creative diversity of our two institutions around common values of excellence, curiosity and openness.

If you also wish to work for a renowned Maison and would like more information about ESCP’s MBA programme in partnership with Cartier, feel free to contact one of our programme Ambassadors or Career Services.

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