Before attending ESCP’s MBA in International Management, Ludovic Bamou was working as a multi-skilled software engineer for Orange. After gaining experience through different positions that took him from IT to B2B sales to Business development, Ludovic Bamou decided he wanted to embrace a more diverse and international career. In September 2021, he integrated ESCP’s MBA programme. 

What pushed you to pursue an MBA?

I chose to attend ESCP’s MBA in International Management programme for two main reasons: I wanted to expand my career internationally, and acquire greater leadership and business skills. As a computer sciences engineer by education with almost 9 years of professional experience at Orange (where I held 4 different positions from software engineering to sales and business development), I felt I needed to get out of my comfort zone. 

I wanted to gain international experience and be exposed to work environments that would be more culturally diverse, and allow me to face new challenges and work on bigger projects. I also felt the burning need to gain a 360° view of what a company is, and have a general understanding of how large organisations function to be able to help them strategise and create value while having a sustainable and competitive business.

As a Cameroonian student, what are the things that struck you the most during your time abroad at ESCP?

My journey so far has been exceptional. ESCP Business School makes it very easy for students to feel integrated and at home. Naturally, when you come from another continent (like me coming from Cameroon), there is some little fear about how integration will be done in this new environment. But very quickly, the School, through its administration, does its utmost to create a climate of serenity for foreign students. A dedicated person is here to help us with all our administrative procedures, a digital platform acts as a toolbox to present us with everything we need to know about the country we’re in, and regular seminars are organised to address our concerns. 

Group projects teach you how to collaborate with everyone, understand their working style, and consider each person’s specific and unique way of thinking. 

Ludovic Bamou, MBA Class of 2022

The fact that the School has campuses in 6 different countries (in Paris, Berlin, London, Turin, Madrid, and Warsaw) gives a strong international dimension to the curriculum. As for me, I chose the Paris campus for the first semester and Berlin for the second one and really appreciated studying there and working on the two Company Consultancy Projects planned by the programme. It helped me familiarise myself with the professional environment of the different countries.

Finally, I truly enjoyed the amazing diversity of the cohort. It was the first time in my life that I had to interact and develop a strong relationship with such a diverse group (more than 22 different nationalities) of classmates with professional backgrounds that were sometimes opposite to mine. Some students were dentists, journalists, and teachers! Group projects teach you how to collaborate with everyone, understand their working style, and consider each person’s specific and unique way of thinking. 

One piece of advice you would give a compatriot who would like to study in Europe or join ESCP?

First, I would advise anyone who wants to integrate the MBA to structure their professional goals and have a short, middle and long-term plan. This way, they can have a clear idea of how the programme can act as a stepping stone in the new career path they intend to take.

The second step is to set up a plan to finance their studies as tuition fees, rent, and living expenses make up an important amount of money. Finally, I would advise them to continuously improve their English language skill, as English is the most popular language for international business. It proves to be a major asset for succeeding both in their education and in an international business environment.

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