Before entering ESCP’s MBA in International Management programme, Corinne Romanos, who is 27 years old, worked as a Landscape Architect. A job that enabled her to “explore [her] passion for design and urbanism” at the time. In September 2021, she decided to take her career to the next level by attending ESCP’s MBA programme. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work with the Spanish Olympic Committee and has become General Secretary & Membership Manager for the Women in Leadership Society at ESCP. Needless to say that her career seems to be on the right track to reach new heights.

What pushed you to pursue an MBA?

I decided to pursue an MBA because I had a clear ambition: I wanted to take my professional career to the next level and I knew this programme would help me achieve my goals. In some way, I knew entering the MBA would lead to the life-changing experience I always dreamt of.

An MBA exposes you to many opportunities and hones both your hard and soft skills.

Corinne Romanos, MBA Class of 2022

Indeed, I had my eyes on the MBA programme ever since I started working: this was something that I had planned for a long time. Once an MBA student, I wasn’t disappointed: the MBA helps you get a wider perspective on things, and offers you a huge amount of knowledge in many business disciplines. It exposes you to many opportunities and hones both your hard and soft skills. It is the right programme to get into if you are looking for a place to build your leadership and communication skills within a diverse team.

As a Lebanese student, what are the things that struck you the most during your time abroad at ESCP?

Being a Lebanese student at ESCP Business School exposed me to a large multicultural environment. I chose to study on the Paris and Madrid campuses and I was able to meet students from all over the world. They all had different academic and cultural backgrounds which can become a real asset when you’re looking to work in a multicultural or international environment. Aside from students of different nationalities, I also encountered a large number of Lebanese students and staff members which made me feel right at home.

One piece of advice you would give a compatriot who would like to study in Europe or join ESCP?

I would advise a fellow student that wishes to study for an MBA in Europe to greatly consider ESCP Business School. The school not only offers the best learning and networking experience and opportunities, but it also has a top Financial Times ranking as well — which will be a real advantage when looking for your next professional opportunity.

As an ESCP student, I can attest that ESCP brought to me what I wouldn’t have found anywhere else: the true European adventure. With its presence in 6 major cities in Europe, the school is bound to widen your horizons.

As for a student who is already joining ESCP, my piece of advice would be pretty simple: buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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