Carol Vanegas started her career as an industrial engineer but she wanted to gain more skills to develop her leadership. In order to immerse herself in an international and competitive environment, she chose to pursue ESCP’s MBA in International Management. After studying in Paris and Berlin, she seems to have found what she was looking for in terms of challenge and stimulation. The 31-year-old does not fear new challenges: she recounts for us what led her to embark on that journey with ESCP.

What pushed you to pursue an MBA?

As I grew professionally in my career as an industrial engineer, I realised I needed to complement my technical skills with a strategic business perspective. I aimed to continue developing as a leader and have the possibility to positively impact an organisation. An MBA was the best choice because it helped me to leverage my strengths in an international and more competitive environment, as well as to have a clearer vision of the path I want to take and the goals I want to reach as a leader. It also opened my eyes to the various skills I have to work on to achieve that.

As a Salvadoran student, what are the things that struck you most during your time abroad at ESCP?

The international experience taught me a lot. I was able to learn from different cultures and traditions, whether from my classmates or professors. The people I was surrounded with came from all around the world, and I’ve learned so much from all of them, not only regarding their professional experience but also about new ways of working. 

It really helped me get a new perspective on how to approach any given situation. This allowed me to develop new ways of thinking. During my time abroad, I was able to discover new ways of making decisions by applying different tools and criteria, with a more strategic point of view. In the future, I believe this will help me to think out of the box and come up with better results.

“Moving from one continent to another was a radical change but the new opportunities that the programme opened up for me are well worth it.”

Carol Vanegas Alvarez, MBA Class of 2022

A fun anecdote: since El Salvador is a tiny country, most people don’t know where it is located! It makes me proud to tell more about my country so people know about it. In the beginning, it was challenging not to find many Salvadorans or even Latin people with whom I could relate, but this was also the best opportunity to open my mind, learn from others, adapt and find really good friends to share unforgettable memories with. 

One piece of advice you would give a compatriot who would like to study in Europe or join ESCP?

If you want to push your studies further, either to gain new skills or supplement your current knowledge, ESCP’s MBA in International Management is a great place to take the challenge. This is also true if you want to change careers and engage on a new path. The MBA will allow you to discover new possibilities. For me, moving from one continent to another was a radical change of life, but the people I met here, the cultural experiences, the teachings I was given and the new opportunities that the programme opened up for me are well worth it. 

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