Halfway through the programme, Chinese national Mingwen Deng looks in detail at the reasons why he chose ESCP Business School for his MBA degree and the lessons learned along the way.

Why I Chose ESCP

Self-motivated trilingual professional experienced in managing business development and marketing plans in a cross-culture business environment, I wished to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to become a talent with a wide practical and comprehensive theoretical base, this is why I decided to take a break from the professional world and go for a full-time MBA.

I have chosen to apply for ESCP Business School for its high quality of education and the international learning environment it offers which would enable me to study and cooperate with students from around the world with diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Furthermore, I think that the 10-month MBA in International Management covers all the functional areas of management which would definitely benefit my career development. Besides, what attracted me most about this programme is that courses take place on two campuses located in different countries, which allows students to learn and live within two different cultures and gain international experience. In 2022, ESCP Business School’s MBA made it into the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking: it places 13th in Europe and 3rd in France.

“I am confident that the MBA programme will enhance my personal development and career success.”

Mingwen Deng, MBA Class of 2022

The Challenges Encountered

Visa and Accommodations

The first challenge for students from China, like me, or from other Asian nations, is to apply for a visa and locate housing after being accepted to a European institution. These chores can be quite stressful and the COVID-19 outbreak didn’t make things easier. I recommend meticulous planning and making the most of the School’s Visa Office’s assistance and advice. Pay extra attention to the information contained on the visa letter to ensure the application process goes smoothly with your country’s authorities.

Teamwork with People from Different Cultures and Backgrounds

Cultural differences are enriching but can sometimes affect the effectiveness of a team if they are not addressed the right way. Classmates from other cultures bring different values, work ethics, and professional etiquette to the group. These characteristics may engender misunderstandings among team members or increase individual pressure. However, as long as everyone keeps an open and cooperative mentality, these issues can instead foster mutual emulation and promote task completion.

The Learnings (And Friends) Acquired

Student Life

There are many student clubs at ESCP, including sports. I joined the badminton team and played with my teammates against the badminton teams of various universities in London. It not only enriched my extracurricular life but also gave me the opportunity to make many interesting friends.

A Clearer Sense of Self

After a semester of intensive course study and life experiences in London, I have a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and a clearer understanding of my future goals and directions.

So far, besides the knowledge base of management, the MBA adventure has enlarged my network, enhanced my ability to cope with stress, and strengthened my values, beliefs and self-awareness. While some people struggle to make job decisions in today’s complex professional world, this sense of clarity and the dedicated Career Services offerings allow me to identify the type of jobs that best match my abilities and values, and to make more informed and confident post-MBA plans.

My journey continues on the Paris campus and I look forward to more challenges and opportunities. I am confident that the MBA in International Management programme will enhance my personal development and career success.

Mingwen DENG
MBA in International Management
Class of 2022 – London/Paris track
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