More than ever, network is key. Learn more about ESCP’s Alumni and the many ways graduates from the MBA programme can guide you through your next career step and success.

When considering which school to apply to, or which education to pursue to initiate a career change, the quality of instruction sure is paramount. But so is the quality of the network you will access once you get into a specific program. At ESCP, allowing our students to develop a powerful network has always been one of our main objectives all along. Side by side with the world-class teachings, our faculty and career services teams make sure our students thrive once they get on the job market. Indeed, developing a good network is key to accessing relevant and exciting opportunities. Studies show that as much as 85% of positions are filled through networking and that 95% of professionals— even in the post-pandemic context— consider face-to-face meetings vital for long-term business. Thanks to its alumni, ESCP’s MBA programme has demonstrated the power of a supportive community, developed through events and initiatives that benefit our students…before they can in return chaperone others later on.

In the words of our Alumni

Ramona Ghica was part of the 2018 graduation class. In her own words, she admits enjoying the multiple opportunities for international networking at ESCP: “I decided to enrol in an MBA to bring my career and my knowledge to the next level. I chose ESCP Business School specifically for the strength of the brand, the diversity of the alumni and for the fact that I was given the opportunity to live in two different countries during the MBA. And indeed it has been a wonderful experience! It might be tough at first moving from one place to the next after one semester, meeting new people and having to get used to new ways of working, but by doing so you are able to stretch yourself to the next level and grow in a short amount of time.” And as you grow, so does your network.

“It is fundamental to build your network early in your career.”

Ramona Ghica, MBA Class of 2018

ESCP’s MBA is well recognized for the diversity of its alumni, as well as for the prestige of the companies involved with the school. 68,000 ESCP alumni live across 150 countries, and companies such as Cartier (sponsoring the 2022 class), Amazon and Deloitte are keen on recruiting ESCP graduates. To Ramona, this has proved to be a major asset: “During my time at ESCP, I have leveraged the network for mentorship and managed to connect with some of the companies I was interested in. In fact, I approached Google and learnt more about the company’s culture and positions through an ESCP Alumni who helped me explore the job opportunities and understand which role could be a better fit for myself and my next career move. Finally, this person also gave me a referral, which ensured my CV would be screened by Google’s HR.” Thanks to her proactive approach, Ramona is now working as an Agency Development Manager at Google in New York: “I think it is fundamental to build your network early in your career and leverage any opportunity given to you in that sense,” she adds.

Give back to the Community

Thankful for the opportunity that was given to her through her hard work as well as through ESCP’s alumni network, Ramona decided to give back to other students by becoming part of the MBA Buddies initiative. Hand-in-hand with the career services, the buddies can guide and support MBA students in their career development: “As a buddy, you can help the other person better understand what they would like to do as the next step in their career. If they are, for example, interested in Google as a company, I can support them in exploring the job opportunities there and find the one that would fit their experiences and expectations best,” explains Ramona.

Having a contact in the company of your dreams might indeed help you reach your career goals more efficiently. Interesting research has shown that, more often than not, it all comes down to getting in touch with the right person. Even more so when 70% of all jobs are not published publicly on jobs sites. For Ramona, getting in touch with an alumnus now working at Google set her up for success and allowed her to find a job she loves: “At Google, I work with media agencies. I support them in growing their own business and their clients’ businesses through opportunity sizing and data analysis, which I turn into business and advertising/marketing recommendations. I love my job very much! I have the opportunity to work with big and medium-sized companies across different industries from automotive to luxury, education, gaming, CPG and so on.”

Just like Ramona, many of ESCP’s MBA programme students find a job before graduation. Thanks to a strong community with members scattered all around the globe in some of the best companies there are, 40% of our students find a job before graduation and 96% are employed within 3 months following it. Initiatives such as the MBA Buddies, as well as the I-Leap programme, allow our students to thrive and grow thanks to a powerful network and support system.

Combined with high-value experiential learning, this ensures our students get the best of both worlds: high-quality theoretical learnings, as well as opportunities to strengthen experience and grow one’s network. Our alumni are part of leading global companies such as Google, Accenture, L’Oréal, McKinsey & Company, Publicis and more. Throughout the year, events are organised for our students to get a chance to meet influential graduates in the industries they are interested in. Once they graduate, students can pass on their experience and knowledge to younger students by becoming student mentors.

Are you eager to learn more? Then check our website dedicated to ESCP Europe’s Alumni by clicking here.

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