One of the things Nahuel Cladera, MBA Class of 2022, was looking forward the most to when applying for the MBA in International Management at ESCP Business School, ranked #13 in Europe (Financial Times 2022), was the opportunity to consult for 2 companies on real projects over 2 different countries. After three months and countless hours of work on his Company Consultancy Project (CCP), Nahuel shares details of this unique experience.

The Project

“At the beginning of October, as my first semester was starting on ESCP London Campus, the Career Service department invited our class to choose and rank three Company Consultancy Projects among five options. The projects were well detailed, each defining the company’s industry and core business as well as its scope and goal.

My first option was SPLYT, an international tech company based in London with offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, whose main business is the integration of different apps, creating as a result ‘Super Apps’. This term was completely new to me and caught my attention from the first moment. The technology developed by SPLYT easily integrates companies from different industries, such as mobility, food delivery and online payments, enabling users to conveniently utilise different services from one single app, and companies to reach more customers, increasing their profits.

SPLYT was exploring the opportunity to consolidate a new product vertical into its super app integration model, therefore, they contacted ESCP Business School to conduct a full market analysis on a global scale to find a suitable market and the correct partners to rapidly boost this new business vertical.”

“I found myself working for an international tech company with a multicultural and interdisciplinary team.”

Nahuel Cladera, MBA Class of 2022

The Team

“I was fascinated by the opportunity to work on this project and fortunately I was picked to work on it with four other colleagues, creating a multicultural and interdisciplinary team.

Suddenly, I found myself, an Argentinian Finance graduate with some years of experience as Pricing Manager, working for an international tech company that integrate multiple apps through a seamless interface in a team composed by:

  • Francesca Conti, an American Political Analyst who worked for several years as a financial journalist in New York;
  • Steven Rodríguez-Cortés, a Puerto Rican Mechanical Engineer whose last job experience was in the American Aerospace industry;
  • Rohit Malhotra, an Indian graduate in Tourism & Hospitality who founded his own touristic company in Thailand; and
  • Fabio Crosato, an Italian Marketing Specialist with vast experience working in first level marketing companies in Italy.

We quickly got involved in the project, creating strong bonds that enable us to work in a team atmosphere, taking advantage of our different backgrounds and complementing each other. In our first meeting, we established different roles for each of us, and we put in contact with our tutor and the SPLYT’s representatives, delivering them a roadmap of the meetings and tasks that we were covering during the project.”

The Tutor

“Our designated tutor for the project was Marketing Professor Chi Hoang. Chi had the perfect profile for this project as it involved a global marketing analysis. She gave us insights to structure and address this real-life project, suggesting frameworks and tools that prove very useful for us to make a macro analysis to understand the marketplace as well as the customers’ needs and wants, to design a customer-driven marketing strategy, and finally to construct an integrated marketing programme that gives SPLYT the answers that they needed.”

“Our tutor suggested frameworks and tools that were helpful to give our client the answers they needed.”

Nahuel Cladera, MBA Class of 2022

The Deliverables

“We delivered four presentations to our client.

  • The first one (online) in which we set the expectations and deadlines for the project.
  • The second one (on campus) in which we presented three different targeted markets for three possible new verticals, as well as the global consumer trends for each suggested vertical and information about the existing competitors that SPLYT could face.
  • The third presentation was at SPLYT’s office in London, where we had the opportunity to personally meet some of the company’s employees that had been working in the Singapore office and we shared with them the findings that were presented in the previous meeting.
  • Finally, last January, we had the final presentation, which due to COVID-19 restrictions was delivered online. After an exhaustive marketing investigation and a survey done with the support of the School and the company, we got insightful findings on consumer behaviours for each sector.

Once we processed all the information, we were able to suggest a specific market to integrate two new verticals into the SPLYT’s business and name three possible partnerships for each industry.”

The Outcome

“As a result of our work, SPLYT’s representatives were delighted with our findings and they showed interest in our professional future, since they deeply believe in cultural diversity, employing people speaking roughly 25 different languages and representing more than 20 nationalities.

Amazing experiences like this one are waiting for you in ESCP Business School: work in multicultural teams with international companies on real-life projects and learn by doing.”

MBA in International Management
Class of 2022 – London/Madrid track
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