MBA participant and Ambassador, Divyanshu Kumar, 31, talks us through his reasons for choosing to pursue an MBA at ESCP. From the decision process to becoming officially an ESCP MBA participant, he shares what it took him to join the world’s oldest business school. Divy, the floor is yours!

Set clear goals for yourself and do your research

“Post-MBA, I aim to join a disruptive hi-tech multinational (such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) as a Product Manager.

With this goal in mind, I started doing my research back in May for the September 2021 intake. I had clarity on the type of schools I wanted to apply to: I was specifically looking for a business school that provides both academic excellence and a powerful network. I found ESCP Business School to be a perfect match for me. Its rich progressive faculty and a legacy of 200 years showcase the central role the School has played in business education in Europe.

“ESCP’s global renown, excellent connection to the business world and strong alumni network offer invaluable opportunities.”

Divyanshu Kumar, MBA CLASS OF 2022

Undoubtedly, ESCP’s global renown, its excellent connection to the business world and strong alumni network would offer me invaluable opportunities to connect with people and develop as a global leader. Its MBA in International Management has a strong reputation among top-tier recruiters and its well-structured curriculum (a mix of courses and electives) could equip me with the right business skills and mindset to launch an international career.

In addition, I thought the many vibrant school associations would allow me to thrive and explore different cultures. Not to mention the interaction with the diverse international faculty and cohort which would broaden my perspective and prepare me to fit into the multicultural business world as a manager tomorrow.”

Mind the timing

“I did thorough research for 2-3 months on the programmes offered by different leading business schools in France. I applied to multiple ones and finally decided to join ESCP because of its global and renowned pedagogy. I was right on time for the MBA programme’s annual intake, each September.”

Credit: Thierry Foulon

Harness the resources available

“There are A LOT of options out there to help you make your choice. Whether you decide to take the 4-minute quiz, set up individual calls with admissions coordinators, get your CV screened to check your eligibility, have a chat with current students or alumni, attend info sessions (in multiple languages!), or run an old-fashioned Google search, everything is conceived to make it easier for you. All you have to do is choose!

Personally, I based my decision on numerous human interactions and browsing through business publications. My discussions with the admissions committee, alumni, student ambassadors, as well as my personal research in the global business publications of reference, such as Financial Times and QS MBA, highlighted the invaluable opportunities offered by the MBA in International Management at ESCP, including interactive study trips, team bonding activities and regular meetings with top executives from leading firms, hearing about their experience and how I can fit into their organisation.

In conclusion, such insights coupled with the strong ethical values of ESCP played a major role in taking the most crucial decision of my life to achieve my overarching career-ambitions.”

Once inside…

“During my first months as an ESCP student, I found out that the MBA programme inculcates a 360-degree understanding of sophisticated business paradigms. The curriculum prepares me to analyse market opportunities and consumer behaviour, sell strategies, promote effective solutions and learn promotion management – all essential skills for a Product Manager. My favourite classes, you wonder? Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship Creativity that allow me to gain the necessary knowledge to launch and run a successful business venture in the future.

“I have made the best decision of my life by choosing ESCP MBA programme.”

Divyanshu Kumar, MBA CLASS OF 2022

In addition, the capstone Company Consulting Projects over two countries and case method offer the ideal platform to apply classroom theoretical constructs on real-world projects focusing on a specific sector and function. Also, participation in these activities further hones my management, presentation and team-building capabilities, and provides me with ample scope to develop a global network comprising of industry practitioners and highly experienced faculty.

It would not be complete without one-on-one mentorship, boot camps and the ‘I-LEAP’ career development program that train participants to better articulate their voice to a prospective employer. ESCP’s amazing international alumni network (68,000+ alumni working at top-notch positions across the globe) makes it easier to connect to a plethora of job opportunities.

I can proudly say that I have made the best decision of my life by choosing the 10-month ESCP MBA programme.”

Divyanshu KUMAR
MBA in International Management Ambassador
Class of 2022 – Paris/Berlin track
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