For most students, building a solid business network is a key objective of their MBA programme. The more you connect, the more business opportunities you will get. By joining the ESCP MBA cohort, you will have the unique opportunity to share your student journey with people from different cultures, working experiences and with diverse life perspectives.

Andrea Sodano, MBA Ambassador in the Class of 2022, spoke with two participants from his cohort to learn more about their backgrounds and the reasons behind their choice of pursuing an MBA at ESCP. Read along to hear their first impressions on the Paris and London campuses.

Get to know two of our 2022 MBAs

  • Pierre, Financial Audit

Pierre is from Metz (France), he studied Business Management in Saarbrucken (Germany) and then moved into Financial Audit. He worked as Financial Audit in PwC in Luxembourg City where he started as an intern and ended as an Audit Manager.

“I felt I needed some change in my professional life. I believed that an MBA could give me a broader view of the daily life of a business, a sort of bird’s-eye view of a leader’s daily life. ESCP is one of the three “Parisiennes”, a group of very prestigious French business schools. But more than the reputation, the actual structure of the MBA is the real strength of this programme. Having the opportunity to study in two different countries over ten months is a real pleasure, but also an exciting challenge.”

“Studying in 2 different countries over 10 months is a real pleasure, but also an exciting challenge.”

Pierre Ehl, MBA Class of 2022
  • Arzoo, Production Engineering

Arzoo is from Mumbai (India), she holds a degree in Production Engineering and worked as a Data Science Consultant at KPMG India for six years gaining experience in Data Science, Business Analytics and Machine Learning.

“I chose an MBA over masters primarily because I wanted to learn about entrepreneurship and business. I also wanted to hone my natural leadership skills amongst an international cohort as I have a vision of working on international projects in the future as a manager. I chose ESCP because we are a small cohort of students from 20 different nationalities, which provides an opportunity to work closely and learn more from each other. Also, we have two CCPs (Company Consultancy Projects) in two countries of our choice. This gives me a risk-free exposure to working in two international companies. I get to work with a diverse group of international students while also learning about the economies of two European countries.”

“The 2 Company Consultancy Projects in 2 countries of my choice give me a risk-free exposure to working in 2 international companies.”

Arzoo Arya, MBA Class of 2022

The two-campuses choice

Selecting the right campus for you, among Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, and Turin can be daunting, especially if you don’t know Europe so well, or worse, never set foot on the old continent. For the MBA blog, Pierre and Arzoo look back on their track decision.

“London is a city that always attracted me: full of history and modernity. The business life in London is also very present and could be full of opportunities for the future. I’m currently learning Spanish and that’s why Madrid was a natural choice for my second semester. Of course, the sun and the nice food are playing a role too.” – Pierre

“I picked the Paris-Berlin track as both cities are up-and-coming startup hubs providing a wider range of job opportunities for me. Also, both capital cities support job search visas which is great. Along with that, Paris and Berlin are student-friendly cities.” – Arzoo

The first days of your new life

Now that we know what brought Pierre and Arzoo to do an MBA in International Management at ESCP Business School, we are curious to know their first impressions back to school.

“The first days were incredible. Meeting the entire cohort (72 students!) in Paris for the Induction Seminar was a collection of shared moments. That day, we created a real “cohort spirit” that is still lasting up to present. The classes are full of practical case studies, which changes from theoretical learning” – Pierre

“I was excited and happy to meet the rest of the 2022 Class as soon as I got in Paris. Thanks to the small cohort size, I was able to bond with almost everyone. I was instantly exposed to diversity and mixed professional backgrounds, as promised.” – Arzoo

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