Are you wondering if an MBA would best meet your needs and how to prepare for it? Worry no more, our team at ESCP compiled all the information you need to determine whether you are all set and ready for this great MBA journey with us.

Committing to studying for an MBA is a big decision that can propel your career in many ways. Graduating from ESCP’s MBA programme opens new doors in terms of fulfilment, both professionally and academically, but also more generally as a unique multicultural experience. As some members of the ESCP Community and former students have demonstrated, MBA graduates can use their experience as a launching pad towards bigger, often international, career dreams. On another note, MBA graduates can see their salaries increase by up to 80% compared to their previous earnings.

But before rushing headlong into your next adventure, there are a few things you need to take into consideration to make sure ESCP’s MBA in International Management is right for you.

First things first: what are your objectives?

Before rushing into the application process, you want to make sure an MBA is best suited to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Good questions to ask yourself are such as: “In what industry do I want to work in the future? Will the MBA grant me the ability to thrive in the said industry? What am I missing right now (a powerful network, hands-on experience, academic and practical knowledge)? Do I feel stuck in my current career? Why?” By answering these questions, you will do the preparation work for a potential MBA interview, but also will work towards the resolution of essential interrogations regarding your desired career path.

Regardless of what you hope to find by attending the programme, the MBA in International Management can provide you with the supporting network you’ve been missing (ESCP’s alumni make up for more than 68,000 members across 150 countries and 8,000+ students of 122 different nationalities), as well as experiential learning that will prove to be a real asset when applying for jobs. 48% of our students found a job before graduation. This number goes up to 90% within three months of graduation. Moreover, 58% of graduates work outside of their native countries.

Ready to apply for ESCP’s MBA in International Management?

To apply to ESCP’s MBA in Management:

  • You must hold a previous Bachelor or Master’s degree (or equivalent) in any discipline
  • You must have a minimum of 3-years’ work experience or demonstrate exceptional maturity and outstanding leadership through professional and personal experiences.
  • You must be proficient in English
Are you ticking all the boxes?

Then move on to the application process by familiarising yourself with the programme and checking the closest application deadline. If you think you need to be further accompanied, 1-to-1 consultations with our recruiters are also available. These will allow you to get specific personalised advice. You can also reach out to our ambassadors and alumni to get a clear idea of what will turn you into a successful applicant to our MBA programme.

How to ace your MBA interview

At ESCP, we are looking for unique, authentic, driven individuals who will make great entrepreneurs and managers. So don’t try to smooth the rough edges by pretending to be someone else. This is especially true for your personal essay and interview. Sometimes, “be yourself” is the best piece of advice one can give.

Although there certainly are a few things you can do or consider before your MBA interview to stack all the odds in your favour. According to Isabella Perna, Head of Recruitment for the MBA, your ability to show adaptability through self-storytelling and a relevant resume is key to passing the interview. Don’t sweat it too much, however. If you already have a clear idea of a career path you’d like to take, as well as an open-minded attitude and obvious motivations, you should be able to convince your jury. As Veronica Polichetti, Turin Admissions Coordinator puts it: intellectual curiosity is a highly sought-after asset among MBA students.

Adaptability through self-storytelling and a relevant resume are key to passing the interview

Isabella Perna, Head of Recruitment MBA at ESCP

Some information you don’t want to miss out on when studying abroad

ESCP’s MBA in International Management offers six European campuses in the heart of the most vibrant cities. This is very beneficial to the multicultural approach fostered throughout the programme, however, studying abroad requires a bit of preparation. Looking for a flat early on in the admission process, researching the cost of living, or even gathering information about the culture are essential to start off your experience on a good note. Here are some tips and tricks gathered from our students’ experiences on one or many of our Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, London or Warsaw campuses.

Myriam Ben Ameur – Class of 2018

I did my second semester in Berlin and I had a lot of trouble finding an apartment, so do look for one soon enough. Also, in Berlin, every transaction is cash-based, and they do not have many ATMs like in Paris, come prepared! I ended up living in front of the school in Charlottenburg and I was very glad not to have to go through town on those crazy cold Berlin mornings… less glad when it was time to go party at the other end of the city but all in all, close to school is a good compromise.

Diego Romero – Class of 2021

I was in the Paris and Madrid campuses. I think I would make sure to connect with my MBA mates via the WhatsApp groups beforehand and try to figure out who wants to share flats. I think this is the best way to connect, grow your network and run around taking care of errands in either city, especially if you don’t speak the language. It also helps to start doing activities in the city and as a group with your network. So for me, find good roommates first, or be near good neighbours who are also batch mates. In Paris, if you don’t have a bank account, get that started as soon as possible! Get your Navigo or Metro cards, cell phone sim cards and you’re off to the races.

Valérie-Anne Ramis Cladera – Class of 2021

In order to have a good start, I contacted recent alumni for advice. Thanks to my coaches, my mentor and our MBA services, I learned how to organize and structure my research and my network. Then during my second semester, I contacted former students to find accommodation in Berlin. They went well beyond and helped me with their invaluable advice to understand the structure and organization of the different ESCP campuses which was extremely important for the electives. My advice to any new MBA candidate would be to be very proactive and to take advantage of all the resources that ESCP offers us.

Jonas Lill – Class of 2021

As an American, certain things I had assumed were universal, like using credit cards to pay bills, were not possible. Of course, when you go abroad, you expect things to be different. But knowing that bread in France is long and thin is a lot less useful than knowing I need a French IBAN to pay for internet service, for example. Or, for us Americans, what an IBAN even is, since our banks don’t use them for some reason. The difficulty lies in the fact that we can’t know what we don’t know, so my advice is simply don’t assume anything, even the most simple things like how toilets work or how you can pay for things. Culture shock usually hides in those more intimate, mundane moments than in the fun, public ones we usually hear about.

Are you eager to hear more about the MBA in International Management? Why not reach out to one of our recruiters — they will make sure you’re on the right track for a successful career.

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