Everyone knows where they come from, but most of us cannot predict where ESCP MBA in International Management will take them. Thanks to the many career opportunities offered by the programme and the coaches allowing us to know ourselves better, our choices change and our strategy evolves.

What career opportunities to expect from an MBA at ESCP?

Many different factors can lead us to go down the MBA path, but there is a common thread that interweaves them all, which is that of building the best possible international career. At ESCP, we are fortunate to have teachers, coaches and dedicated career managers who are very attentive to students and always ready to help. Thus, a real timetable designed around the search for opportunities and major networking events has been set up for us to take advantage of.

Moreover, thanks to a course taught on at least two different European campuses, it is possible to become familiar with the job markets and to learn the local language, greatly increasing a candidate’s marketability.

Career Services bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.”

Coaching Sessions

Thanks to face-to-face and online meetings in French, English, Italian, or German, our coaches evaluate our current situation and help us to build a coherent and viable job-research strategy. During those sessions, it is possible to work on MBTI* profiles (editor’s note: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a research-backed personality indicator) to improve our CVs and fine-tune our Linkedin network. It is essential to prepare for our exchanges with HR recruiters, and thanks to the mock recruitment interviews offered by ESCP, we get the skills to walk into any situation feeling as prepared as possible.

“I had a good experience with the personal 1:1 I received from the Career Services. Colin Kramer, Careers Advisor & Coach, and Joumana Kachour, Head of Career Services, offered valuable advice, contacts, and methods to find the best opportunities for a career change,” recounts Margot CHOLLET from the Paris-Madrid track.

A variety of events

Our proactive Career Services organise Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin, and Turin-focused Career Fairs as well as events specifically for MBA candidates. Those are key events in our job research. It is the moment to network and to discover what we really plan to do in the future!

“MBA Career Services are playing a major role in providing the right opportunities and the right contacts. It bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to be,” pointed out Nakul AGRAWAL from the Paris-Berlin track.

Besides, the University organises students into bodies called Career Student Representatives, allowing for direct feedback from the cohort. Hence, Career Services can truly meet the wishes of MBA candidates in an agile way.

Alumni network

A tangible advantage at ESCP is the 65,000+ Alumni network which is very active and prompt to help. It is a key element to boost our career. At the beginning of the year, we have the opportunity of choosing a mentor from the ESCP Alumni network who guides us and checks in on our progress, shares his/her experience, and is available at any time to answer our questions. It is an incredible chance to take advantage of the hindsight of someone who has been there, and extremely beneficial to staying on track and maintaining focus.

Cartier, our Class Sponsor

This year our sponsor is the world’s renowned jewellery house, Cartier. The luxury Maison is extremely involved in our journey throughout the year and offers many opportunities to network such as masterclasses, coffee-chats, and one-on-one interviews. It will have us dream of jewel-encrusted tiaras for a year, but also allows us to discover a variety of sectors within the company that we would never have imagined at first glance. I can’t wait to know who the sponsor of the upcoming batch will be!

“I have always found Cartier’s sessions very intriguing and possess a deep interest owing to my background in the diamond jewellery industry. The people at the luxury Maison are extremely warm and welcoming to all my questions and I get to learn so much about Cartier’s core business, philanthropic initiatives and the luxury industry in general, by attending their very engaging roundtables and coffee-chat sessions,“ added Charu JINDAL from the Paris-Berlin track.

“A few weeks into my MBA, I received several job offers in a lot of different sectors.”

Open the doors!

When I started an MBA after my PhD in Chemistry, ESCP Business School first allowed me to create a large network thanks to the ESCP Alumni Association. I take this opportunity to thank them again for their availability! They allowed me to see beyond science and research. They shared with me their experience, their strategy and provided me with a lot of useful advice.

Also, thanks to the global Career Events, just a few weeks after starting my MBA I received several job offers in a lot of different sectors such as Healthcare, Cosmetics, Fintech, Consulting, Audit, Communication, for positions as varied as Marketing, Strategy or Sales with the corresponding salary. Then, it was time to decide! This was possible with my teachers and Career Services managers’ help, and thanks to the coaches who allowed me to confident in my choices. My multicampus MBA in International Management at ESCP Europe allowed me to open doors and to choose where I want to go in the short and long run.

While this can at times be daunting, opportunities are what we signed up for, and most importantly, can be part of the fun. Where will your ESCP MBA journey take you?

MBA in International Management Ambassador
Class of 2021 – Paris/Berlin track
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