Meet our Alumnus Oliver Madden and find out about his experience in the MBA in International Management and where it has taken him today as the Alliance Manager at 1010data in New York, USA.

Tell us about your experience with the MBA in International Management?

I joined ESCP Europe’s MBA in International Management programme seeking a platform for international career advancement.  Through the 10-month programme I found not only this, but the adventure of a lifetime.

 Studying outside of my home country, alongside classmates from dozens of other nationalities in ESCP Europe’s multi-country, urban campuses, I learned more about myself and the behavioral side of business than I could ever imagine elsewhere. 

While the programme tangibly boosted my career, the real benefits are in the moments when classmates turn into acquaintances, and when shared experiences turn those acquaintances into lifelong friends.  We’re already planning the reunions!

How did ESCP Europe help prepare you for your current position?

I loved ESCP Europe’s focus on not only the functional areas of management, but more especially on having a hands-on humanistic perspective in business.

In the first months of my post-MBA career, I’ve gladly leveraged frameworks in regards to problem solving and decision making, entrepreneurship, financial modeling, and the like.  More beneficial, though, has been my sharpened intuition in regards to cultural nuances, conflict management, and teamwork – all gained through this MBA programme.


What advice would you give to prospective students looking for an MBA?
If you’re looking to join an MBA programme, ask yourself “why?”.

Why do you want an MBA? What would you value in an MBA programme?  What wouldn’t you like?  We live in a specialised world, and MBA programmes are no different; each one has a unique DNA

By first understanding yourself and uncovering what you truly want, you’ll be better able to determine which MBA programme – where, when, and why – is best for you.


What does it mean to you to be an ESCP Europe Graduate?

For me, to be an ESCP Europe Graduate is to be someone well-knowledged but open-minded, grounded in reality but aspiring towards ideals, who lives with a sense of purpose and excitement.

Oliver Maddam
Alliance Manager
1010data, New York, USA