Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that a Business School such as ESCP is a place where scientific researches are undertaken. Therefore, scientific academic profiles such as physicist, biologist, language specialist or history researchers may have developed the idea that they were not welcome in such places. There is nothing more wrong, and the event recently co-organized on the 6th of June 2019 by Les Cartésiens and ESCP proved this.

For nearly 10 years, Les Cartésiens has been an association devoted to building a strong network of PhD candidates and PhDs, and support them at every stage of their career. One of its main mission is to remind the young researchers, and to the society, than more than 90% of PhDs work in the private sector. It was therefore very natural for the association to approach ESCP, and offer to build together a dedicated event in order to show to its member the benefits they could obtain from such an institution.

Thanks to Les Cartésiens’s network and the great resources of ESCP, on 6 June 2018, ESCP Paris campus hosted two round tables as well as a cocktail in order to create a bridge between the two entities.

The first round table tackled the question of having double skills, both technical and managerial, thanks to a scientific curriculum and a business school degree. We gathered to discuss and interact with the public the Deans of the MS in Biopharmaceutical Management and from the MBA in International Management. They were joined by PhD’s, who graduated from those degrees in the past, or were currently undertaking them. It was the opportunity to discuss what those second diplomas were bringing in term of skills, know-how, network and new opportunities for young researchers careers.

Later on, a PhD and entrepreneur joined for a second discussion with the public and share his experience after completing an MSc at ESCP, which allowed him to follow his dream, start his own company based on the research he has done in the past. It was the occasion to remind the audience that they had all the skills required to make the jump, and that the school was for them one of the best shortcut possible toward their dream career.

Lastly, a networking cocktail was organized by the school allowing us to continue the conversations as well as reflect on the opinions of others. The association had the opportunity to introduce itself with more details to the newcomers, and the guests had the possibility to enjoy the Jean-Baptiste Say cocktail room, name after the founder of ESCP two hundred years ago.

The evening was a success. As we know that young researchers often feel lonely, have trouble to step out of their research laboratories or libraries. These opportunities are important as it allows us to address such an important topic, that is developing our careers in an efficient way.

This was certainly the first event out of many to come, and we can’t wait to see where the discussions of the next one will bring us toward…

Alexis Picot PhD.
MBA in International Management, Class of 2020

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