We are so excited to announce the launch of the MBA Blog at ESCP Business School!

This is a space for us to share news about our programme and share content from our students, alumni, professors and staff so you can see what it means to be a part of the MBA in International Management community here at ESCP. 

So where do we begin?

The school… 
ESCP is an International Business School with campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw.  Ranked among the top in Europe – ESCP offer a range of business management programmes specialising in multi-campus learning so students can experience studying international management, internationally!

The programme…
The MBA in International Management is a 10-month MBA programme with a strong cross-cultural approach. It provides professionals, with a minimum of 3 years work experience, with the knowledge, mindset and network for an international career

You are able to choose where you study and what you study.

During the 2 semesters you will move to 2 of the 6 campuses, allowing you to meet and work with different students at each campus. It also means you can experience living and working in 2 countries, all while learning your MBA!

You will also complete a company consultancy project on each campus meaning you finish your MBA with experience consulting for REAL companies on REAL projects within 2 countries!

After S2 you then have the opportunity to specialise your MBA by choosing 4 of 23 electives on offer, once again offered over 7 countries. That means, you can study your MBA bewteen 2-6  countries – it’s your choice!

The electives on offer range from a multitude of topics so you can pick topics specialised to your career goals (e.g, Marketing, Finance, Big Data, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship) OR you can pick industry specific electives (e.g. International Luxury Management, International Food and Beverage Management) + many many more.

The community…
Whats more important than the people you meet? Each year, the MBA in International Management has over 30 nationalities within the programme. With a focus in group work within the curriculum, it encourages students to change their perspective by working with others of different backgrounds, both professional backgrounds and cultural backgrounds. Ultimately simulating an international work environment. 

In summary…. It is a Truly International MBA designed to create the future business leaders of tomorrow.


How do I find out more? 
Follow our blog – hear from our students, alumni and professors to get a sense of what it is to be apart of the ESCP’s MBA in International Management community.

To find out more about the programme, see the curriculum and how to apply – visit our website. escp.eu/mba